Rice Milan styleThe word "Risotto" derives from a latin word "Risus Optimus" generally indicating a not very liquid type of soup with various flavourings. Nevertheless, this definition appears to be reductive for Risotto with Saffron, taking into consideration that this risotto for the Milan citizens is the one that excels all. Infact, other recipes are only a variant from the original.

The Paella ValencianaThe Paella is a well-known and very old traditional dish, which can be found on the menu charts of restaurants all around the world. Originally, the dish was created in Valencia, through the inventiveness of the local farming community .

The BouillabaisseThe Bouillabaisse is a famous and tasty French fish soup. It is safeguarded in its originality and reputation by The "Carta della Bouillabaisse" The Bouillabaisse Document, signed in 1980 by the Provençal Restaurant Owners who have certified its ingredients and preparation procedure.

The LussekatterThe "Gatti" (Cats) of Saint Lucia or "Lussekatter" are a sort of sweetbread with Saffron and added raisins. Since the XVII Centure, this recipe is part of the Swedish traditional cookery and is prepared throughout the Christmas period and beyond, until Springtime.