Since 2000, Zaffermec  has invested resources and competences in The SGS International Corporation certified Company Quality System, in order to guarantee, through strict control procedures and periodical renewals, a high quality product for the Company's customers.


High quality first class category Saffron is purchased, according to the ISO 3632 Directives, selecting with care the best Mediterranean and Oriental cultivations. The entire manufacturing cycle of the product is controlled by our Company, monitoring that every single process procedure is in accordance with the high quality and safety standards requested.

Our commitment is to evaluate carefully our suppliers and undergo surveillance, as well as, verifying the efficacy of our processes. Specifically, we carry out regular analytical controls (chemical and microbiological) on the raw Iso 9001 certificate materials when they arrive and on the finished product, entrusting this task to accredited external laboratories. An internal laboratory is additionally available to effect further sample verifications, by means of a spectrophotometer, according to the parameters of the ISO 3632 method, which are specific for saffron.

The safety and alimentary hygiene of our saffron is verified by means of an internal audit, carried out within the ambit of The HACCP Autocontrol Programme, integrated with the Company Quality Control System. The traceability of the product is guaranteed from when it enters the Company's  premises, to when it is forwarded to the relative customer.

Our priority is to commercialise high quality Saffron, in terms of aroma, taste and colour. Thereby, assuring the satisfication of the final consumer.