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Our Company has a long standing tradition. It was initially established in 1925, under a different company name, by two chemists from the Lodi area in Italy, who were highly interested in the herborization sector.

Thereby, their industrial project was based on the idea that due to the refined gastronomical characteristics of Saffron, the product had a high commercial potentality. Consequently, a small business company named Zafferania was created , with a modest artisan production. This production plant was initially equipped with manufacturing machinery of that period, activated with a starting handle. Since these epoch ingenious rudimentary manufacturing machinery have retained their value in the industrial archaeological field, they are still on the Company's premises and preserved with care.

Subsequently, the company was acquired by another firm which permitted it to assume adequate productive and commercial dimensions, which were effectively more in line with the modern requirements of the market. The name of the Company Zafferania was maintained and the trademark is to date utilised for a range of products. In 1968, the company was acquired by Zaffermec S.r.l., to which effectively the current company management refers to.

To date, Zaffermec is a company projected towards quality and efficacy, equipped with advanced high level machinery and consolidated b professional competence to the staff. Nevertheless, without disregarding the values and the importance of traditions in terms of experience and genuineness of the products.